Innovation Innovation

Strategic R&D starts with engagement. We identify and validate a market or medical need and innovate to create a transformational opportunity. Long-standing collaborations with centers of excellence enable us to generate outcomes that differentiate. Founded on looking past the present, we find new ways to create incredible results.

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Manufacturing Manufacturing

Our partners rely on our rigorous standards — our relentless focus on adding value while always maintaining the highest quality. That, and an extra layer of toughness. Different challenges come with every product and we thrive when the problems are tough. Simple? Maybe. But performing at a high level on repeat is what provides our competitive edge. We know what it takes to succeed in the marketplace—we’ve been defining success in contract manufacturing for over 30 years. State-of-the-art facilities enable a pharmaceutical approach to product development — lean, reliable, and the most advanced manufacturing technology.

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Products Products

We develop and manufacture an expansive portfolio with a specialty in topical products — skin care, therapeutic skin care, sun care, wound care, and topical medical devices. We are an industry leader in the formulation and development of sunscreens, and provide contract development and manufacturing services for many top brands around the world. We also produce a variety of other products, including topical pharmaceuticals. Our people and our culture make our products exceed the standard; dedication, resourcefulness, and passion bind our team of veterans and industry leaders. Our shared experience makes our clients and their products excel.

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