Reimagining Skin and Wound Care

Swiss American CDMO is different. Experienced teams work together to develop and manufacture only the best.

Reimagining Skin and Wound Care

Swiss American CDMO is different. Experienced teams work together to develop and manufacture only the best.


Our Process

At the core of everything we do is quality and testing. We are constantly measuring, analyzing, and comparing our results to global guidelines and best practices, then figuring out how to meet or exceed them. We work with external specialists and industry-leading partners to identify and leverage the highest-quality data in our discovery process. Our meticulous Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes enable precise testing protocols in development and manufacturing. All clients benefit from the continuous improvement in quality outcomes.


ISO 13485 and FDA certified.
35+ years of experience.
Highly-credentialed leadership team.
Our culture is Quality.


We credential our technologies by thoroughly testing and analyzing every product – from the ingredients we source, to the formulations we create, to manufacturing processes and storage protocols; we are extremely rigorous.



Exploring Skin Health

It starts with identifying the need our client is trying to fill. We use a process of active discovery, partnering with industry-leading experts to uncover breakthrough innovations that make healthier skin achievable. What we do is part science, part imagination. We combine trustworthy and reliable processes with creative explorations to produce award-winning products.


Evaluation of safety of ingredients and usage compliance.


Evaluation of clinical studies performed using the ingredients.



Raising the Bar

We understand why products work, and how they interact with the body and with the environment. Our onsite RID laboratory enables a fundamental connection between development & manufacturing that provides synergy and stimulates creative solutions. We are always looking for new ways to generate incredible results.


Ingredient interactions and efficacy.


Comparisons of active key ingredients in different kinds of formulations based on key features and product deliverable.



Learning & Improving

Whatever the situation, we’re ready to bring your vision to life. Our experienced team of scientists stay ahead of market trends and ingredient advancements, allowing us to guide clients to the best commercial options, including Product Claims and intellectual property protections.


Evaluation of stability of formulations and compatibility with packaging.


Comparisons of ingredient behavior in formulation and aesthetics of finished products.



Surpassing Standards

Swiss American has the expertise, infrastructure, and equipment to manufacture OTCs, topical medical devices, and personal care/cosmetic products. After collaborating to create the best formulation, we're ready to help you scale for commercialization. You can rely on the robust processes we have in place that have helped several leading brands create products that haven’t just met industry standards—they’ve surpassed them.


Safety, Clinical and Efficacy testing that meet client requirements for the product and regulations that may surround the product.


Evaluation of final formulation by clients.


Delivery at Scale

From raw material procurement to distribution center delivery, our supply chain is efficient, integrated and scalable. The entire system is technology and traceability driven.

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