Passion for developing results

We are an industry leader in the development of custom personal care products.

Passion for developing results

We are an industry leader in the development of custom personal care products.

We know skin inside and out. We are a global pioneer in the development and formulation of topical skin products.

Strategic Development


Swiss-American applies a pharmaceutical approach to strategic development. We work with thought leaders, influencers, contract research organizations , and academic centers-of-excellence to identify market and medical needs. We combine the needs with our global marketplace knowledge to position trends in a differentiated way to ensure commercial success. We guide our clients through the development process including clinical efficacy and product safety testing while creating an intellectual property solution designed to work for them.



  • High-grade ingredients designed to soften, smooth, hydrate, and improve healthy skin’s appearance, such as anti-aging cleansers and moisturizers.


  • Advanced ingredients and formulations designed to improve skin health and mitigate certain skin-related conditions, such as eczema or acne.


  • Global leader in proven solutions designed to deliver optimal broad spectrum sun protection benefits. Physical, chemical, hybrid and anhydrous formulations.


  • Comprehensive wound care offerings for the damaged & barrier function impaired skin. Provides a clean environment in which moisture and autolytic debridement are enabled for good wound health.

Development Models

Flexible and Customizable

Pipeline Model

Select from a library

You can select from a library of Swiss-American products to fill the gap(s) in your pipeline for quick market entry with customization to meet your brand, segment, or channel needs.

Innovation model

Tailor new technologies

We can tailor a new platform or innovation to your concept that fills a gap in the market or in your portfolio. Designed to lead market trends, not just to match them.

Re-Engineering Model

Improve formulation

Improve your formulation to advance your products in the marketplace and leapfrog your current competitors

Laboratory Service Model

Tweak formulation

We can adjust any formulation to differentiate to your specs or to comply with new guidelines. Laboratory services can be made available a-la-carte to meet your immediate market entry/re-entry needs.

Case Studies



Creating an SPF Masterpiece

Sun care expertise where art meets science

Development Development

Objective: Existing client requested a high SPF, all-physical, Zinc Oxide bag-on-valve sunscreen with an elegant finish. Challenges: Large Zinc Oxide particle size (settling), holding high SPF while maintaining an elegant continuous spray pattern and potential white chalky cast left behind from many all-physical sunscreens. Results: After 50 different batch/combination tests and trials to create the perfectly balanced formula, the lab teams were able to deliver the perfect sunscreen that exceeded all expectations to a very happy client…..two weeks early!

Swiss-American employee applying lotion to their hand.


A Simple Tech Transfer

SA experience enables path forward

Development Development

Objective: A large skin care line parted with their existing contract manufacturer and asked Swiss American CDMO to replicate an existing product formulation - a simple tech-transfer. Challenges: Client assumed simple process – Swiss American diligence uncovered: Prior CMO partner did not provide adequate mixing instructions and multiple ingredients had to be eliminated and/or replaced due to non-compliance with regulatory requirements (client was unaware of non-compliance). Results: SA lab teams solved the ingredient issues within 48 hours and complete mixing instructions within 96 hours! Within one week, Swiss American CDMO successfully delivered an exact product replica containing the new compliant ingredients, with no raw material price increases.

Female Swiss-American employee working on the manufacturing line

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