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Bubble Mask

This bubble mask revitalizes skin with Pink Bentonite Clay that transforms into foam. Not only does it remove dirt and oil while moisturizing the skin, but it’s also a fun experience. It is formulated with sulfate-free, mild, self-foaming surfactants along with Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract and Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis Flower Extract to provide natural skin soothing properties.

Mud Mask

This mud mask was inspired by the sea. Fresh and cooling, this mask will hydrate your skin as it helps minimize pores and detox the skin. The mask is infused with aloe, providing a calming and soothing effect on your skin. It contains a marine plant extract that is known for its effect on smoothing the skin as well as its own antioxidant properties.

Renewing Mask

This renewing facial mask is loaded with Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) for an at home spa day. The AHAs and BHAs work to resurface the skin while improving texture and tone. Gentle plant extracts continue to help reduce blackheads and purify the skin.

1% Glycolic Clearing Mask

This skin-clearing mask uses Light Green Kaolin to absorb oils from the skin. As oil on the skin is minimized, the skin is brightened and re-texturized with Glycolic Acid. Plant extracts continue to refine and combat blackheads, leaving skin feeling purified and free of breakouts.

Black Charcoal Peel-Off Mask (Detoxifying)

This is a mineral-rich mask infused with Activated Charcoal that peels off to reveal a brighter, more clarified complexion. This powerful detoxifying mask leaves your skin feeling soft and clean, while helping to minimize the appearance of pores and enhance radiance. Bioactive Silt and Panthenol are ideal for nourishing, moisturizing and conditioning the skin for a healthier appearance.

Blue Marine Peel-Off Mask (Hydrating)

This hydrating peel-off mask nourishes skin with ingredients such as Aloe and a combination of humectants specially chosen to reinforce the skin barrier. Water-loss is limited and Hyaluronic Acid production is increased, resulting in smoother, softer skin.

Red Super Fruit Peel-Off Mask (Antioxidant Protection)

This red peel-off mask contains extracts from super-fruits such as Pomegranate and Acai Berry. These fruits contain an abundance of nutrients such as Vitamin C, Folic Acid, and Polyphenols, which help maintain skin’s youthful appearance. Together with soothing Aloe and hydrating humectants, this mask will leave the skin feeling smoother and nourished.

Green Tea Cucumber Peel-Off Mask (Soothing)

This peel-off mask provides soothing benefits from Green Tea and Cucumber Extract. Formulated with water that is enriched with spring minerals, skin is left remineralized, which boosts cell viability and promotes clarity and luminosity. Infused with soothing Aloe Vera Juice and a variety of skin moisturizing ingredients, this mask will leave your skin feeling moisturized, smooth, and calm.

White Pearl Coconut Peel-Off Mask (Radiance)

This peel-off mask focuses on a unique active that offers the 3D hydration for circulation of moisture throughout all skin layers and the boosting of Hyaluronic Acid. This moisturizing mask will leave skin moisturized and smooth.